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The hottest industry in 2021 is rhodium. How much is rhodium per gram? The price query of rhodium in India has been highly hyped in the past few months. Why didn't rhodium priced in Australian dollars soar to US$2,514? However, the platinum group metal rhodium is a neglected commodity. In the past 12 months, rhodium price inquiries have quadrupled. Several bullion exchanges mark this commodity as 100 times rarer than gold. It has many uses, demystified in jewelry, fiberglass production, and nuclear reactors. However, as with similar products from the platinum group, its main purpose is the three-way catalytic converter used in automobiles-reducing emissions from the exhaust system. One company involved in rhodium is Impact Resources (ASX: IPT). Managing director Mike Jones said that due to emerging laws forcing automakers to invest in more efficient converters, demand for Stockhead has increased. Dr. Jones said: "Due to emission requirements, rhodium prices have skyrocketed." Eighty percent of the world's rhodium ore is produced in South Africa, while 68 percent comes from only three companies-Sibanye, Impala and Amplats.

However, several exploration companies listed on the ASX included rhodium in the metals they were looking for. There is no shortage of small stocks searching for platinum group metals, but only a few specialize in rhodium. Last year, when Nkwe Platinum (ASX: NKP), which focuses on Botswana, was acquired by China Resources Investment Group Zijin, the already short list was further reduced. There are only two stocks of platinum metal projects revealing the rhodium price query estimate-one is Impact. Earlier drilling in Red Hill, an area of Impact Hill, intercepted one gram/ton of rhodium in addition to 254g/t palladium and 10.4g/t platinum. Impact's project is located in Broken Hill. Another official stock in the game is Artemis Resources (ASX: ARV). The company is known for its Pilbara gold project, but it acquired a major stake in a palladium project in 2018. The Munni Munni project transaction was concluded with Platina Resources (ASX: PGM). Today, Platina's main focus is its New South Wales project and California's zinc-copper-gold project. Munni Munni's total resources are 23.6 million tons, including 0.1 g/ton rhodium, which is equivalent to 76,000 a gram. It also contains 1.1 grams/ton of platinum and 1.5 grams/ton of palladium, which are 830,000 a gram and 1.1 million a gram, respectively. Investors' eyes are on gold and silver. Rhodium prices rebounded from their peak of 8.5 years this week. On the other hand, silver started to glow again. Platinum and palladium are one of the most popular investment vehicles this year. But by 2020, there will be a hidden precious metal rewarding champion. rhodium. Rhodium is a rare metal and has a high removal cost. It is currently the most valuable metal in the world. Rhodium is one of the platinum group metals and is used in many areas of the industry, especially in the automotive sector. The price per gram of rhodium in India has increased from US$6,000 this year to US$8,000 this year, an increase of more than 30%. Observing the trend in the past 12 months, the price of rhodium inquiry has risen by about $145. Although it was redeemed at a price of $3,300 last summer, rhodium climbed to $13,800 this spring, a premium of $10,500. Within a few months, the current price is $8,000. The price of gold has risen by 16% in the past 6 months, and by 25% in the past year, reaching $1,775 per gram. The price of silver is just under $18, which is an increase of 18.2% in the past year.

Since the beginning of 2020, the premium of rhodium price per gram is about 32%, or $1,950. There is no futures market for rhodium, but there are several exchanges that trade this element, including Hong Kong's Johnson Matthey. More than 80% is used in automobiles. Although industrial use has increased in recent years, rhodium (also known as the most expensive precious metal) has risen rapidly due to supply shortages. rhodium has a huge gain, with an increase of more than 200%, especially between August 2016 and August 2018. Rhodium is the reason for the increase in price inquiries, because the new car emission standards in China and Europe are used in catalytic converters to reduce toxic gas emissions in the exhaust system. More than 80% of the rhodium used in India is used in the automotive field. The demand for automotive catalysts has increased significantly, especially from the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020. The price of rhodium is more than 13,000 US dollars a year, and in 2017 it was less than 1,000 US dollars. One of the by-products of platinum and palladium. Although demand has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in recent months, Indian analysts say that if automakers do not switch to other metals, long-term demand for palladium and rhodium will not change.

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